2024 will be the 8th year for Teddies as a camp at Burning Man

Teddies was created as an idea in 2014, when a small group of friends were inspired by their experiences at a large theme camp. Although they had a great time, they found it to be a little impersonal and were driven to create their own home on playa - a place where they and their friends could explore their creative capacity in a comfortable and supportive space. The following year, the Teddies arrived! 

Teddies, a registered non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, provides inclusive and collaborative spaces at arts events dedicated to fostering and funding creativity, music, and arts for the local community. We seek to create immersive and participatory experiences, characterized by artistic expression, musical performances, communal engagement, and the promotion of a vibrant and diverse community.

our mission

Create a strong camp culture with Burners who are open, creative, resourceful, accountable, engaged, and continue to embody those values year-round. 

Teddies is a Growing Family from All Over the World

Once a Teddy... Always a Teddy!