Teddies, founded in 2015, is a vibey, colorful, friendly, theme camp where there is almost always something interesting going on. A founding principle of our camp is to make every member of Teddies feel like they have a home and family on playa, and we aim to offer up that message of welcome to the public via our events and visually appealing frontage. On playa, we want people walking or riding by to get off their bikes and come in because of how inviting we are: visually stimulating, good sound & music, great people, colorful, structures arranged in an open/inviting manner, comfy couches, unique events with a wide appeal, and more.  The camp is comprised of over 200 individuals hailing from SF, LA, Texas, NY, CO, Ireland, Germany and more, with an average of 70 attending the burn each year.

As our camp grows, we are further clarifying the roles and responsibilities needed for the camp to run smoothly on playa and off.  Teddies is transparent with its finances and organizational structure.  

Leadership positions are welcome to all who are interested in being involved.

It takes hard work to make a camp happen but with the power of our community we can pull it off together!

camp layout

Our camp layout features an open area made up of a vibey lounge a bar and dj booth, an open-24/7 24ft cuddle puddle dome with programmed LEDs and platform on top, a courtyard with comfy lounge seating, and a hammocks structure with 7 hammocks. The open layout is a big feature of our camp, which encourages people to park their bikes out front of our camp and chill in the lounge, have a drink at our bar, and check out our dome.  Behind the public space is our private camp area containing the Teddy Den (mess hall and private camp hangout area), kitchen, and yurts area. We have a fully functional kitchen with freezers, a fridge, pantry, 4 burner stove, a griddle cooktop, and a BBQ.  Need some bling?  Look no further than Epiphany & Co, the playa’s finest jewelry store located on our frontage.


Our Responsibilities as Teddies include: 

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events & bar

Our bar is open daily from the mid afternoon until whenever the party stops. When the bar is open, someone will be on the decks playing tunes.  Sometimes it’s super chill, other times it’s bangin.  

Teddies has some yearly signature parties including Wine & Cheese, "Tacos Tequila & Techno with Teddies on Tutu Tuesday".

We also have some chiller events like Yoga & Mimosas, Tarot card readings and more. Generally speaking, Teddies will have a party of some fashion going on every evening to night since so many of us like to DJ and bartend.   We try to be known as one of the best spots in the 4:30 to come hang out.

our dome

Our dome is another big piece of our interactivity. 

Open 24/7, it houses a cuddle puddle where guests are encouraged to lie down and enjoy a programmed chill LED light show set to ambient music. Climb to a crow’s nest at the top of the dome which stands 15ft high and gives great views of the surrounding neighborhood and open playa. 

Outside the dome is a courtyard area with some comfy seating, overhead shade, and a structure with 7 hammocks coming out radially from a center post.

our teddies

Our Teddies campers are the heart of what makes the camp run. 

Teddies Individuals are the ones who come up with our camp events and act as hosts, run the bar whenever someone wants a drink, and jump on the decks when there are people in the lounge that want to dance. The community we’ve fostered is one of constant helping and a united desire to make camp as amazing as possible; from building camp itself, to helping in the kitchen, to cleaning up camp at all hours, everyone plays a part in making Teddies as comfortable, clean, and cohesive as possible. Our goal has always been to create a culture where people contribute not because they have to, but because they want to, and over the years since establishment, our camp has maintained an open, welcoming, accepting, and amazing vibe because of the people that comprise it.