Who are we?

Teddies is a worldwide network of artists, musicians, creatives and dreamers, whose values are rooted in the Burning Man 10 Principles.  Teddies, Inc is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, based in San Francisco.

Mission Statement

Teddies, Inc. is dedicated to cultivating inclusive and collaborative spaces within arts events, aimed at nurturing and supporting creativity, music, and the arts for our local communities. We aim to promote a vibrant and diverse community where individuals are empowered to express themselves freely and contribute to the rich cultural tapestry of our society.


Our vision is to foster a vibrant community where diverse artistic expressions thrive, supported by inclusive spaces and resources. We aspire to bring grand, awe-inspiring experiences to people in joyful ways, lifting the human spirit, addressing social problems, and inspiring a sense of culture, community, and civic engagement, empowering artists to shape a brighter, more connected future.